SEROS is a ballet company with a repertoire employing cirque aerial skills, acrobatics, modern dance technique, hip-hop and break-dancing. Based in New York City, Seros was founded by Joshua Carlson.

SEROS Dance melds circus strength and classical ballet technique. Creating intense, joyous works that eclipse the simple boundaries of sensuality, Seros Dancers offend gravity, wrestle the texture of space, and fool time, applying obsessive technique, harmonic partnering, and rippling physicality. Bodies do things audiences did not believable possible.

Encountering passion and mortality, the forbidden and fearful become sublime, and carnal athleticism can overtake balletic grace. The icons of our waking life invade our dreams. We break from sleep laughing or sweating or mumbling a desire for a connection, for understanding, for something beyond beds, bars, bank statements and boredom.

SEROS is available for regional, national, and international touring. We are always happy to hear from dancers, choreographers, students, designers, and other artists interested in our work.

For audition information, please contact the company manager at