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Artistic Director Joshua Carlson founded SEROS to communicate the painful ironies and contradictions that make him laugh, and to laugh at the expectations that seem to make people cry. Needing to combine the Acrobatics and Exhilaration of Circus Arts with the lines and beauty of Ballet, Joshua wanted a group of passionate people willing to test the limits of their bodies, while being willing to thrash their very souls in a frenzy of humanity. He wanted to get the art form naked (though rarely naked on stage) stripping off tutus and artifice or heaping on theatricality and trickery (no tutus were harmed in the making of these dances). Like the mischievous Loki, he delights in taunting gods.

Born in Nurnberg, Germany, he received his training at Friends University, the Wichita Ballet Theatre, Milwaukee Ballet School, Louisville Ballet School, and Cirque Sublime. Joshua has worked with the Wichita Ballet Theatre, the Louisville Ballet, American Repertory Ballet, and Pilobolus, choreographing on both WBT and Louisville Ballet. He was the choreographer for the off-broadway production of “Young Zombies in Love”, winner of best score for the 2005 NYC International Fringe Festival, for which he received much acclaim from NY and online publications such as Backstage, The New York Sun,,, and the New York Daily News. Joshua has taught master classes in NYC and in Philadelphia as well as in National Dance Competitions and Universities.

Joshua's work explores the phyiscal boundaries of strength, endurance, and agility while embracing the enduring beauty of studied and practiced classical technique. He examines the sublime and the ugly under the same bright light and finds within both the compelling elements of all that is essentially human. A master story teller, Joshua explores horror as easily as humour and makes each SEROS work a facet of the human condition.

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Producing Director Terri Anne Ciofalo continues to wonder why she gave up a "real" job to work in the Arts, but has at least found solace in not having to wear panty hose and high heels unless she is really trying to impress someone.

Trained at the Yale School of Drama, Terri worked as a professional Stage Manager and Production Manager for various New York and Regional Theater companies, including Lincoln Center Theater, Yale Rep, Long Wharf Theater, PS122, Rattlestick Theatre, The Baltimore Shakespeare Festival and the Maryland Stage Company. She was the Production Stage Manager for the national tour of Ralph Lemon's Tree: Part Two of the Geography Trilogy, and the Production Manager for the first national tour for Urban Tap. Terri is the General Manager for the a cappella singing group Cantori and the Production Manager for Cedar Lake Ensemble in NYC.

Terri worked for several years as a corporate middle manager for the mutual fund company T. Rowe Price, however she tries not to let that stop her from being an effective, results-oriented, people-centered manager. Terri believes that collaboration, focus and a good sense of humor are the essential elements of creating good work and knows that supporting the artistic process sometimes means doing the company laundry.



Hatched and then raised in L.A. (lower Alabama), Travis thinks that joining SEROS is a lot better than the ditch digging lifestyle most people from prison-bound families in Alabama have to endure. Driven by the need to master that next trick, some new skill, or a revolutionary form of self-expression, Travis perpetually challenges himself: break dancing, circus, hip hop, modern dance, acrobatics, ballet, and anything involving props.

Travis studied dance (and cheerleading, no skirt) first at the USA (University of South Alabama) and then independently at the Pinellas County Center for the Arts. Bored of the South, he made his way to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and finally coaxed a BFA in modern dance out of reluctant professors. Travis has worked with various national and regional companies including MOMIX, JUNK and most recently Koresh Dance Company. He has worked both as a performer and as a technician with Myra Bazell, Eric Shofer, Manfred Fischbach and Kate Watson-Wallce. A skilled dance lighting designer, Travis specializes in moving light programming and design. He is a poet, model, and sometimes rapper and was a singer with the now infamous band Black Water Fever. Versatile as well as strong, Travis can hang from a ceiling, walk like a lizard, or carry a woman on his head and still manage to point his toes. He is currently in Pursuit of his Masters Degree. We’ll keep you informed.

Travis is known to be impulsive and very intense. He brings to SEROS a passion to create, conspire and commiserate with fellow artists as undervalued and overworked as he is. Travis hopes to create a collaborative environment where company members can develop their skills both as individual dancers and as a communicative and compelling ensemble.



Troy Dilport looks into a camera and captures sex, intrigue and mystery. Through his gaze, Soccer-Mom, becomes Helen of Troy, three plus size women become Charlie's Angels, and the boy next door comes over and takes his clothes off. Troy's shy demeanor and unassuming attitude are so disarming they become disrobing and even the most modest find themselves mostly naked and staring down the barrel of a camera.

Troy took to the camera like she was a lover he had missed in passing for years, but finally ran into at the laundry mat. Troy's graphic proclivities were cultivated in college, where he became the graphic designer and official photographer for Wichita State University. He went on to do photography and poster design for Wichita Community Theater. While there he directed It's a Wonderful Life anThe Women. Then somebody put him on the board. Troy is a founding member of Freakshow Productions, a theater company dedicated to doing work that no one else would consider putting on stage. He directed Parallel Lives,of Lilies, the Laramie Project ipt Eve and Co., following the progression of woman from Eve to Monica Lewinski. Troy is also on the advisory committee of the Mary Jane Teall Theatre Awards.

As Marketing Director, Troy focuses his visual talents on telling the stories of SEROS. He magnifies the little haunts and dark recesses within each dancer into caverns for the public to explore. Troy hopes to evoke through design and photography the same elation audiences experience in the theater and he is thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful, artistic, driven company.